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Doctorate of Creative Industries

Erin is a Doctor of Creative Industries. In 2018 she graduated from Queensland University of Technology. Erin’s thesis; In search of authorship: The role of the costume designer in characterisation, builds a philosophy around the practice of costume design.


Costume designers are visual storytellers. They interpret the written word and transform text into three-dimensional, tactile, visually informative costumes that create a character’s fundamental expression of self. Costume designers communicate the unwritten components of a script. This research aims to develop a conceptual understanding of the costume designer’s role in Australian screen productions and, specifically, if they can claim an authorial voice through characterisation.

The research forms a theory of costume design that incorporates collaborative authorship, the designer’s voice and the notion of embodiment to underpin a much-needed philosophy of costume design practice.

Full Thesis:

PDF download: Guide for Emerging Costume Designers