Costume Design, Styling and Research

Doctorate of Creative Industries

Erin is currently working on the final component of a Doctorate of Creative Industries at Queensland University of Technology. The Doctorate of Creative Industries (DCI) has two major research projects. In the first project Erin has explored: Dress and Identity: The role of costume in characterisation – Costume design in Australian film and television.

This project has created a foundation of information about Australian costume designers and their processes. The foundation was built out of data collected from interviewing Australian costume designers, interviews conducted with designers who have professional credibility and established careers in film and television. Costume as an area of research has emerged from the triangulation of three key disciplines, Film Studies, Gender Studies and Fashion Studies. These disciplines dissected explore the role of costume and the costume designer in complex discussions that analyse costume from the point of view of contextual and textual analysis. Project one examines the voice and intention of the designer, as they are often not incorporated into these theoretical discussions. The tacit practices and processes used by the costume designer to create character through the manipulation of clothing and design principles are relatively unexposed in current scholarly literature.

This theory informs the second project and Erin’s practice as a costume designer.